Selecting the Right CRO Partner

Why IVD Specialization is a Game Changer for Sponsors

There are many factors a sponsor must consider when selecting the right contract research organization (CRO) for their next project. For instance, what range of CRO services do they provide, and do they have relevant experience that matches your project scope and needs? These two questions alone can highlight a CRO’s core strengths – as well as expose potential gaps. For diagnostic manufacturers, the answers are especially important as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) development demands an elevated level of specialization that many CROs are unable to offer.

As you consider your next partner, here are several ways a CRO specializing in IVDs can provide sponsors with a significant advantage in the successful development, validation, and regulatory approval of their diagnostic products:

We recognize that selecting a contract research organization is not an easy process. Each CRO company will have its own guidelines for evaluation criteria for selecting a partner. In our experience, diagnostic sponsors quickly recognize the value of a CRO who fully understands the IVD landscape and has an established history of success in managing diagnostic clinical trials.

If you are looking for a CRO services partner that can best meet your needs, please contact us to learn about our full range of clinical, regulatory, and quality solutions and how you can benefit from the experience Beaufort provides our diagnostic clients.  

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